Thursday, April 10, 2014

Orders are in...kind of

E has finally received verbal orders for his fleet squadron placement. He is almost finished with his training which means it is time to move on to the real world of the Navy. There are three P-8 squadrons. He was assigned to his third choice. He was told months ago that pretty much everyone would get their first choice so we were preparing for his first choice. First choice would have meant deploying this summer for 7 months. Turns out the Navy changed its mind and no one was given their first choice. What it all means is instead of leaving later in the summer, he could be leaving immediately after finishing for the deployment since the squadron is currently deployed. The good news is he would only be gone a few months instead of 7. The only bad part is he doesn't have paper orders yet, and well, the Navy can change everything again. He was disappointed that he was given his last choice, but in the end he is happy. He is ready to deploy and work on moving up the pilot ranks (even after they finish training, they aren't really finished.) He is excited to use the tools he has learned. The squadron he is joining is the one that is helping in the search for the missing Malaysian plane. I am not happy that he would be leaving so soon considering I haven't had a chance to really prepare the girls. He will also miss our family vacation this summer, but I will trade that for just a few months away instead of over half a year. However, since we are still waiting on official orders, it is still up in the air.


  1. Gah! The military is so wishy washy when it comes to this kind of stuff. Two former boyfriends were in the army and it was always 'hurry up and wait.' And now Scott works for the government, and they're kind of the same way.
    I hope you get some solid answers soon!!

  2. Hopefully official orders come in soon!

  3. I hope orders come soon so you can plan.

  4. That would drive me batty! I am one of those people who NEEDS to know and doesn't do well without full details. Best of luck. Hopefully, you get full orders soon and can get everything in order!

    1. It is annoying since they keep promising the orders and don't deliver. The good news is we know we don't have to move. The bad is we don't know how much warning he will get if he has to deploy.


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