Thursday, April 3, 2014

My life lately

A quick, bullet type recap of life for me lately:

  • Rowdy has me trained. Yes, the dog has trained me. She wants in bed during the night and I tell her no. She then goes outside to bark. I get up to tell her to stop, and she runs to the bed before me. I usually don't care by then so I go to the couch to sleep. I am pretty sure my middle name should be Pushover. 
  • Meeghan doesn't really say Mama. I hear it on occasion, but it is rare. She will say Daddy all day long, but not Mama. It doesn't bother me too much until I heard her say Epcot one day. Really kid? I change your poopy diapers, I feed you, get up with you during the night, and you thank me by saying Epcot   Oh well. 
  • I am still terrified of my backyard. I made E go out with me so I could scoop all the poop. He wanted to mow and asked me to pick up the poop. I may have cried while putting on my shoes, but it was the fastest I accomplished that task. The kicker is he didn't even mow after that. 
  • I have been trying some speed work to improve my pace. Speed work sucks. I hate it. I think I am content with my middle of the pack status. Or I need to give it a few more weeks to adjust to the workout. We'll see which thought wins. 


  1. I do not enjoy speed work either!!! It is the bane of my existence.

  2. So, why are you afraid of your backyard? Snakes? Critters?

  3. I hate speed work too. The days I have to do intervals and pacing I HATE!! I'm with you, give me middle of the pack. I'll take it.

  4. I hope you get to hear "mom" soon!

  5. Dogs are so freaking smart! I swear, ours knows how to out smart us too! We know he hangs out on the couch while we're out of the house, but he makes sure to not let us catch him when we get home.


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