Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hannah's big weekend

I wasn't the only one participating in her first big race weekend. Hannah ran the Disney kids race as well. She was so excited to run. She wanted to dress as provincial Belle, and so I did my best to muster all the craftiness inside me (which is none). I found a blue tutu, a blue tank top, and a white shirt. I was going to get an apron, but I ran out of time. This was the finished product.
Her age group ran the 100 meter dash. I wish I had registered her for the mile, but at the time I didn't think she would willingly do a mile. I was wrong. She has done a mile with us at home so she is registered for a local race to do a mile. Disney has 4 different races for kids. A 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, and a mile race. They make a big production out of it, and the mile is even timed. We arrived pretty early, and she couldn't wait to get to her corral. Yes, they even have corrals. After the wait, she was ready to go. Once she understood that she could run without me next to her, she took off. I couldn't keep up with her. 

Each child receives a medal after crossing the finish line. Hannah wore hers all day Saturday and Sunday. She was so proud of her medal. It is hanging with all the other race medals on our wall. I loved that the kids ran on the actual course so their finish line was the same one I crossed. I thought that was pretty cool. I was impressed with the kids run, and we have promised Hannah she can do another the next time one of us runs at Disney. She received a medal, a personalized bib, a t-shirt, and a bag of snacks after the race. Plus, Goofy was on the course giving high fives to all the runners. It is hard to beat that.


  1. I love this. I think it's great to see little ones doing organized events like these.

    And I'm also a big fan of provencial belle!

  2. What a fun race for Hannah! I love that you're getting her involved in races at such an early age.

  3. Aww this is really awesome! :)


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