Friday, November 8, 2013

11 months

A few days ago Meeghan turned 11 months old.  My baby is no longer a baby. She gave up on crawling and walks full time now. She is even close to running. She has started climbing. I hate the climbing stage. She is starting to put two words together like Hi Daddy or Hi Rowdy. She absolutely loves the dogs. Pepper is her favorite (probably because Pepper tolerates more). She loves bath time. She will start yelling bath as soon as I tell her it is bath time. Her sleep has been crappy lately, I think due to teething. She is very spunky and I love her for it. I weighed her on the Wii a few weeks ago and she was 17 pounds. I am guessing she is still around that. I have no clue how tall. She is definitely my little peanut.

She is always hugging Pepper


  1. Eek - almost a year old. How did that happen?! And oh my gosh, she is TINY!


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