Friday, August 16, 2013

We are in

We are in our house. I am not exactly thrilled with our house, but it will do until next year. It was filthy when we toured it. We were told it would be cleaned, but it wasn't least not to my standard. The good news they shouldn't be expecting perfection when we move out. We took pictures and sent an email about our displeasure. Our stuff arrived Tuesday and only a few things were broken. The biggest thing that pissed me off was our mattresses.  When they packed, they did not bring mattresses boxes or tv boxes. We protested about the mattresses. They wanted to wrap them in furniture pads and then shrink wrap them. We said no. We wanted them in boxes for protection from dirt and bed bugs. Finally we agreed to shrink wrapping them for the trip to San Antonio and once at the warehouse they would put them in boxes. It was not done. I was pissed. We told the movers here to leave the mattresses in the garage until we could buy those vinyl covers. Our mattresses are now covered so if we did pick up bed bugs they should be dead. Also we are finding things in the wrong boxes. Luckily we have everything except our dog pen. It was surrounded by another family's belongings so they will deliver it later (hopefully).

All in all we are starting to get settled. It is taking longer since we had to do a deep cleaning first instead of just surface cleaning. The house is starting to come together and I am hoping we can start to explore our new city soon. Pp


  1. We always demand boxes for our mattresses so I completely understand your frustration!

  2. The next time we move I will make sure our mattresses are put in boxes.

    But, yay for finally being in your new home!

  3. Ugh- definitely one of the unpleasantries of having to move so much.

    Hope you settle in soon. :)

  4. Cleaning a house sucks, but I feel like it must be worse when it isn't your own grime. Enjoy nesting!

  5. I feel your pain. The last house we were in was filthy! They said they were going to send a maid but they were a no show. When I said it was horrible the Realtor company didn't believe me. It wasn't until the handyman came and took pictures for them to see. They ending up giving us some money off the next months rent.

  6. Hope you get settled soon!! Then we can meet for coffee or something! :)


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