Friday, June 28, 2013

This and that

Just a few things happening lately:

-Meeghan is crawling.  It isn't a traditional on all fours crawling, but she is getting around in her own way.  And she is fast! My baby is growing up!

-The skipper alluded to the fact that the husband will get his first choice of planes.  Skipper asked what he wanted as his #1, and after telling him P-8s he was told to put that down.  If he does get P-8s that means we will be in one place longer than 10 months!  We could actually be in Jacksonville for up to 7 years if he gets shore duty there as well.  We moved in June 2011.  We are on city #3, and soon #4.  We will move right as Meeghan is turning 8 months old.  At that point she will have lived in 2 different states, 3 different cities and houses.  Hannah will be on house #5.  Naval aviation requires a lot of training, and it is never in the same place.

-I just registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. I have never run a regular half marathon.  In 1999 when I was 19 I ran the Pikes Peak Ascent which is 13.1 miles, but since it is more of a climb instead of a run I don't count it.  I haven't run more than a mile in probably a year and a half.  I am using this as motivation to be healthier.  I used to eat a ton of vegetables, work out, and was pretty healthy. Now I eat brownies for breakfast, and get pissed if I try to run.  I want to be healthy again.  No way am I wasting the registration fee by not training for this.

-3 weeks until winging day!  3 weeks!

I will leave you with a short video of Meeghan's version of crawling:


  1. Wow already crawling!? She is growing so fast.

  2. Good for you for registering for a half marathon. That sounds so scary to me, but I'm sure you'll do great at it!


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