Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 weeks!

4 weeks until the winging!  I am so excited that we are closing in on winging day.  It is starting to feel real.  I am starting our moving preparations since the time around the winging will be crazy.  My husband has worked his ass off for the last 2 years to earn those wings.  He should complete next week which means he will finally finish his training as a student.

The downside to winging is saying goodbye.  One friend left today, and I had to say goodbye last night.  I was shocked by how emotional I became.  I had to hold in my tears while driving home.  She lived next door to me in Kingsville, and she was here in Corpus Christi as well.  She treated my kids like they were her own.  If the husband hadn't switched pipelines, we would be in Virginia together as well.  I told her that if I end up in Jacksonville I can hop in the car and drive up the coast to visit.  She was one of the few people I felt like I could call a friend.


  1. What an exciting time for your hubby and you!
    Saying goodbye is always difficult. :(

  2. Good luck with everything! :)

  3. Good luck!!!! :) So happy for you all!


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