Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer vacation

Summer has started for Hannah, and ironically I am still in school. Her last day of pre-k was Friday, and we promptly left for Disney after her program. It has been a crazy 5 days.

Disney was hot and crowded which is to be expected for the end of May. However, E and I snuck out to Hollywood Studios Friday night after the girls were in bed, and we waited maybe 2 minutes for Toy Story Mania. There was no line! It was awesome. My mother-in-law and niece are visiting as well. It was Tiana's first time since she was 1 to visit Disney, and she didn't really seem impressed. Nothing made her happy, and all she wanted was a stupid sucker. Meeghan called it an early night on Saturday because she is terrified of public restrooms, and refused to go in a diaper. Her fear is making it difficult to go anywhere. Despite some issues, I had fun and my girls had fun. I have a ton of pictures, but I haven't even looked at them yet.

Since we have been home it has been constant go, go, go. Laundry, school, party planning, babysitting. I watched one of Hannah's classmates Monday so I had three 5 year olds, and a 2 year old. The classmate and Tiana ended up shutting Hannah out, and it really hurt her feelings. It was her first taste of mean girls. I cried a bit knowing it wouldn't be the last time.

It has been interesting having another child here for an extended amount of time. Especially one that is parented completely different than mine. The relationship between E and his sister is strained so we never see our niece. His sister has very different ideals than him, and so they take a different approaches to life. The way she parents is very different, and the stuff I have been able to get out of Tiana makes me sad. I have been asking questions to get an idea of what life is like at home for her. She spends a lot of time in her room. She doesn't play games with her parents. She is an only child, and she struggles with playing with other kids. She hasn't been in day care or school much. She doesn't know her alphabet, can't count to 20, she can't spell her name, or read and write. She is behind her peers for starting kindergarten, and it makes my heart hurt. I have tried some homeschooling with her while she is here to help her a bit, but I have no clue how much her parents will do with her. Plus, she is kind of mean, and full of attitude. I know a lot of kids have an attitude, but hers is nasty. Like I said, it has been interesting.


  1. Dang! You have been crazy busy!
    It's always frustrating when you bring guests to places you really enjoy, and then they seem totally unimpressed. We had a guest like that last summer. I pulled out all the stops with things to see/do, and she just never seemed to think any of it was all that great.

    So sad about your niece. It's always painful to see/hear how differently some kids are brought up, and how it effects them in school.

  2. There is nothing worse than a nasty attitude coming from a kid.

    1. I have tried many different approaches, and nothing works. She is stubborn.


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