Monday, November 3, 2014


I think the girls enjoyed Halloween this year. Hannah understands how it works, and the fact that she celebrated at school made it even more fun. Meeghan didn't really get it at first, but she knew she needed her pumpkin bucket. Hannah wanted to be Elsa, and I thought Meeghan would make a cute monkey since she loves monkeys. She wanted nothing to do with the costume. We ran to the Disney store and she agreed to an Anna costume so we would have an Elsa and an Anna. Well, E's work had a Halloween party for the kids. Meeghan did not want to wear Anna either. I am sure people thought we were torturing the poor girl as we tried to dress her. Eventually we wrangled the dress on her, but she tried to take it off for the next 15 minutes. Once we made it inside and she realized people gave her candy, she was cool with the dress.

Doesn't she look thrilled?
By Friday, Meeghan understood that people give her candy if she holds out her bucket. She still wouldn't wear either costume, but she agreed to her Belle dress. The girls were pretty happy about their candy so I would say we had a successful Halloween.


  1. Meegan's picture - I can't help but laugh! My guess is by next Halloween she will be TOTALLY into all of it. :)

  2. I love their costumes! Super cute. :)

  3. We did the Anna and Elsa thing also. Funny, Belle was our backup as well..


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