Friday, March 7, 2014

Run now, wine later

I caught the Disney running bug a few weeks ago at the Princess half. I wanted to try the other races at Disney, but I was going to wait until next year when E would be home. I have been eyeing Wine and Dine, but I knew I wanted to run it with E so it was off the list until 2015. However, someone I went to high school with commented on my Facebook status about the half saying she was going to run Wine and Dine and I should run it with her. Long story short, I registered for Wine and Dine this year. I have no clue how I am going to squeeze in my long training runs with E gone, but that is something I will figure out when it is time. No way am I pushing the double stroller for 13 miles. It killed me to push it for 3. For now though I am focusing on the fun part. I get to run in 3 Disney parks at night, and then I get to recover at Epcot enjoying the Food and Wine Festival. I love food! You get a free glass of wine or beer too. I don't really like either one, but I will never say no to free alcohol. I am also tossing around the idea of a costume. I was thinking something that represented food or something from the movie Ratatouille. Not sure yet, but I have 8 months to decide.


  1. AHHH!! This is SO AWESOME!! I would love to run this one. Can't wait to hear about your training and the race!

  2. Running at night (safely) is always fun for me. And a food and wine festival? Have a blast!


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