Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hormones are a bitch

I hate pregnancy hormones.  I feel so out of control and moody for no reason.  I have been taking it out on the husband because he is the closest person to yell at.  I have no energy, and trying to keep up with a two year old while trying to use tv to entertain her as little as possible is starting to wear me down.  I can't sleep anymore because my knees and hips hurt, and I am only 17 weeks!  I am trying so hard to keep the house clean, but it is a losing battle.  Plus I feel like no one is helping out.  Hannah is stubborn and won't clean up her toys even though we discuss it all the time.  The husband keeps leaving clothes around the house, or cereal boxes out.  I won't even tell you all the stuff I found in the recliner the other morning.  I have no real reason to complain or get angry.  He does a lot with Hannah when he can.  He tries to give me some alone time do what I need to do to make it through the day.  I pin all this on hormones...or I am a bitch and the hormones are making me worse.  Either way I need to tone down the moodiness because it is making my household tense.

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  1. It's okay. That's normal. Go get yourself a treat. I usually liked the bakery at Panera Bread.


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